DMCA Takedowns

The Syber Pussy network manages and maintains over 20 adult websites, including If you are looking to submit a DMCA request for material found on the site please send an email to us at

Team @ with the following information:

1) A link to the infringing material.

2) Documentation proving ownership or violation of copyright or privacy.

*Note – If your issue is privacy related but you lack documentation to prove it please still contact us. WE WILL WORK WITH YOU!

The Syber Pussy network takes violation of copyright and privacy laws extremely seriously. Please reach out to us if copyright or privacy has been violated in any way. We will rectify the situation as quickly as we can.

Note- does not host videos or images. Removing content from will not remove it from the internet, as our videos, thumbnails, and post titles are imported and hosted from 3rd party sources.

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